September 17, 2008

How to lower cpu usage when cpu usage run at 100%

When you internet browsing, run some programs, when click a video file in windows Intenet Explorer or Firefox, playing 3D games online or after you install some programs, etc. The CPU Usage may jumps to 100 percent. When CPU usage reaches 100 percent, programs will run very slowly or stop responding (hang) and your computer is freezing or crashing.

Why does my cpu usage run at 100 percent all the time? How do I fix high cpu usage? how do I lower CPU usage?

1.An overloaded CPU can cause cpu usage 100%. If the CPU spikes happen rarely and correct themselves quickly, don't worry about it. Such as IE or firefox browing internet, click video Right-Click an item in Explorer.

For those of you with issues where you get cpu usage 100% on startup for a couple of minutes, the culprit is most likely windows updates. Disable that (use manual only) and your boot-ups will be much, much faster.

But if they keep coming back or 100% cpu usage all the time and your computer run slow, you have to find out what's wrong and fix it. Maybe your computer have other problems - Registry Errors. That's because everyday computer use causes “sludge” to build-up in your Registry. This creates system errors which slow down your PC... and the more Registry errors your computer generates, the slower it gets.

Registry errors also cause DLL problems, runtime errors, Windows-Installer Errors, Windows Startup problem,paths Broken DLLs, OCX, and ActiveX Components. these errors all will cause cpu usage at 100%. If not repaired, eventually these damaging errors can lead to total system failure and permanent data loss.

Solution: Your Windows Registry Needs Regular Cleaning

Registry cleaner can do a complete scan of your entire file system and registry in under 4 minutes! Reduce cpu usage.

If your system's CPU spike is constant, the software at fault probably loads when Windows boots. Select 'Start', 'Run', type msconfig, and press Enter. Click the Startup
tab, uncheck suspicious options one at a time, and reboot until the problem stops. Windows 2000 lacks this utility; for this OS, download Startup Control Panel - Registry Easy.

If the processor overload occurs intermittently, note what you're doing each time the system slows down: the programs you're running, the Web sites you visited that day, and so on. This information may give you a clue.

In Windows XP and 2000, the Task Manager can show you what's chewing up CPU cycles. Press Ctrl-Alt-Delete (in Windows 2000, Press Ctrl+Shift“Esc). Choose Processes to see your running programs and subroutines. The CPU column shows the available CPU cycles that each process is running. You can easily find the problem here. The Performance tab shows your CPU usage. Hover the cursor over the Task Manager icon in your system tray to see the current CPU usage in a pop-up window.

Keep the System Idle Process running, even if it's huge. This process shows the percentage of CPU cycles that are not in use, so in this case, the bigger, the better.

Once you've found the processor glutton, get rid of that program. If it's something you can't do without, determine whether an updated version with a bug fix is available, or look for a competing program that does a better job.

Also, use a nifty program like Registry Easy!

2. Spyware and adware causes cpu usage run at 100%. Many people have 100% cpu usage problem but removing the registry keys noted here did not fix the problem -'high cpu usage'. Please check for spyware and adware. virus scan running, or some applications are running in the background. The most obvious culprit is a virus, spyware, or some other malicious software. Scan your system regularly with a good spy-catching program such as Noadware. They're free scan, so why not download and use both of them? Next, update your antivirus definitions and run a full virus scan. Set your antivirus program to check for updates and do a full scan automatically at least once a week.

Spyware is essentially a program or group of scripts which are download onto your personal PC, typically along with a free piece of software. Spyware is potientially disasterious to your computer's resources and even your personally information.

THE PROBLEM : Are you bombarded with popup ads, seeing new toolbars in your browser, is your home page changing to unwanted destinations or are you bombarded with irritating spam? Perhaps strange software loads on startup or your favorites have new entries that YOU DONT WANT. If So.. Your PC is most likely infected with adware, spyware, spybot, trojans or another internet parasite.

The Disturbing Truth : Your Privacy is being seriously Invaded. These programs have the ability to track your browsing habits and even steal such personal information as bank account numbers and passwords. Spyware has the power to install more parasites on your computer without your consent. Everything you do and everything you type is being recorded right now! Companies know what your interests are! Hackers will access your PC and do anything they wish. They can even steal your Identity and You would never be the wiser!

The Solution : Download the latest version of XoftSpy right now. Within just a few minutes you will be able to completely clean your computer of all these invasive threats! Your computer will be clean and will run alot faster - Your Privacy will be Protected!

If virus and spyware scans don't find the problem, it may be due to a malware program that's too new to be caught. More likely, however, is an unintended problem with an honest program.

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