September 26, 2008

How to fix "stack overflow" error

"Stack Overflow At Line"

A couple of months, when I was browse internet with Internet Explorer, I received an error message ‘Stack overflow at line 0′, sometimes error number change to ’stack overflow line 104stack overflow 80, 103, 259, 353 or others. But this errors does not appear on all websites, probably only about 20% that I open.

But When I use firefox no stack overflow errors again. I don’t know what causes stack overflow at line error. I have tryto find a solution at all the website, I find someone have same problem - stack overflow when they browsing with IE6.0 or IE7.0. However, most of the answers are not a real solution, such as Only a few friends told me that it is Javascript Error, but they don’t know how to fix JS files caused by an IE stack overflow. Therefore, I have only using Firefox browser.
Last month, I finally found a software to solve the problem, I download a registry cleaner at, this program can fix javascript errors, after clean my windows registry, no stack overflow again. But I do not know what is working principle.

How to fix stack overflow at line error in the shortest possible time?

1. Using Firefox browser to browse the Internet.
2. The real solution is download registry cleaning software to fix javascript error and stack overflow at line error.

You can download registry cleaner on my other website, or take a look at registry cleaner review, the list of registry cleaner are professional registry cleaning software. If you prefer a well-known products, try PCtools’s Registry Mechanic. I have not tested, but I believe he can repair stack overflow error.


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