December 08, 2008

What is CPU Usage and how to lower cpu usage

CPU usage is the amount of time a computer program uses in processing central processing unit (CPU) instructions, as opposed for example to waiting for input/output operations. The CPU usage is often measured in clock ticks or in percentage of the capacity. It is used as a point of comparison for CPU usage of a program.

CPU usage indicate how much of a workload is being handled by the CPU. When cpu usage runnint at 99% or 100% means that processor is fully utilized, whereas a load of 50% means that it's sitting idle half the time.

What cause cpu usage 100%? 100-cpu-usage - registry error or spyware may cause high cpu usage. Now they list top 5 programs you can fix cpu usage problem.

Registry cleaner will Automatically Speed up , Clean & Repair Your PC Registry of the following:

* CPU Usage 100%
* High CPU Usage
* Repair DLL Files
* Windows Startup Errors
* Internet Explorer Errors
* Prevents PC from Freezing or Crashing
* Restore Correct File & Registry Paths Broken DLLs, OCX, and ActiveX Components
* Fixes Corrupt Files
* Stabilize Scripting Errors
* Tune & Repair Your PC with Diagnostics

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